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Lyrics to the song,
"The Names of Jesus"

By Chico Holiday.

Copyright ©1990, House of Holiday Music, ASAPH Records.

(All rights reserved.)

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Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Prince of Peace
Morning Star, Son of David, Son of God, Eternally!

Mighty God, Lord Almighty, Lion of Judah, Bread of Life
Blessed Hope, He is Messiah, Prince of Kings, the Truth and Light!

Lord of all, the Resurrection, Word of Life, our Love, The Lord
He is Alpha and Omega, Elect of God, Emmanuel!

Horn of Salvation, Great Jehovah, Prince of Life, The Son of Man
Gentle Shepherd, a Sure Foundation, Wonderful, the Great I Am!

Rose of Sharon, King of Glory, Rock of Ages, my Hiding Place
A Great High Tower, a Great Salvation, Lord Jehovah, Living Grace.

A Tabernacle living in me, Our Cornerstone, the Son of Man
The Gift of God, the Bread of Heaven, Light of the World, My Lord Amen!

The Gentle Shepherd, Prince of Life, the Hope of Glory, the Lamb of God
The First and Last, The Root of David, Jehovah Jireh, my Strength, my Song!

He is the Branch, He is God with us, The Root of Jesse, The Lord of Hosts
The Great High Priest, The First begotten, Eternal Life, My Righteousness!

(Instrumental interlude)

He is the Angel of Jehovah, He is Shiloh, my Strong Rock,
The sweet Lily of my Valley, He's our soon and Coming King!

A Faithful Witness, a Loving Father, The Lord of Glory, our All in All
The Great Creator, The Great Redeemer, The Living Word, my Friend, my God!

(Transcribed from the CD on 7/10/01)

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