The "Eye of God" Nebula

The 'Eye of God' nebula

This striking image was taken by the Hubble Space telescope in 2003. While this picture is absolutely genuine, this nebula is actually called the "Helix Nebula". It is because of it's remarkable resemblance to a human eye, it has been dubbed the "Eye of God". Despite e-mail rumors to the contrary, Nasa does not identify it this way. This fascinating formation of dust and gasses is over a trillion miles across! Is GOD awesome, or what? :)

This page is here for two reasons... one, to show the absolutely awe-inspiring beauty of this incredible feat of God's Creative talent, and to also clarify the misunderstanding caused by that e-mail rumor.

When I look at pictures of the Universe that the Hubble shows us, I thank the LORD for the wonders of His Creation! I also thank Him because more and more of them are being revealed to us through our modern technology... every time I see some incredibly beautiful image of Creation, I say out loud, "Behold the handiwork of God!" This image is certainly no exception! :)



The first time I saw this image, it brought me to tears. :') I was so overwhelmed with the vastness of God's Creation as I contemplated this one! This image is taken from an area of the sky that you would see through a soda straw that was 8 feet long! (see 3'rd picture down) It is a very tiny spot, indeed... yet look at not only how many stars are visible, look at how many GALAXIES are there! Can you see why this brought me to tears? :')

How great and marvelous are Thy works, O God!!! \o/

What is Man that Thou art mindful of Him???


This picture shows the bright yellow galaxy from the lower right corner of the GALAXIES!
picture above it. It looks like some theories need to be re-examined. :)


This picture illustrates where in the sky this image was made.

If the sky and galaxies declare Your Holy Name,
If all Creation finds the words,
Your Power to proclaim!
Then how can I articulate with words and with my days,
Your Glory and majesty, and live a life of Praise? and live a life of...
My voice will join the chorus that all Creation sings...


If stars can find a way to tell the Glory of their King,
and if the very firmament can find a way to sing,
how can I keep silent then and not burst into song,
in praise of my Redeemer, Who has loved me all along...

Words excerpted from the song "Praise You, I will Praise You" by Steve Green

Saturn's beauty


This breathtaking image of Saturn & two of it's moons was taken by the Cassini space probe on 12/24/2004. I'm curious as to why we don't see stars. I suppose they digitally edit them out, so as to not distract from the object of study.

You can see many more incredible images at
The Hubble Heritage WEBsite.
This site is AMAZING!!

Praise God for all of His wonders!!

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